Monday, July 19, 2010

Green Apron without Strings Attached

In the monastery car I use for work, I always have a Starbucks green apron in the backseat. Therefore, when I need to go to work I know it’s available -- unless of course I've spilled something on it and it needs to be cleaned. Which is quite often, since I am beginning to think I am the Lucille Ball of Starbucks.

This week I got two texts from partners asking for help to cover a shift. One wanted to go and enjoy a nice summer day with family and the other one was ill. I didn’t plan on working at Starbucks and had other things on my schedule. I texted back and said yes to both of them and rearranged my schedule.

True generosity of time without expecting payback goes a long way in connecting to the heart of people. This has been modeled to me by my pastoral colleagues in ministry and Sisters in our monastic community. One Sister in particular is there for everyone and gives generously without ever expecting anything in return – no strings attached. When I grabbed my keys and apron to go to work, I thought of this Sister and how she has impacted my life. The gospel of grace and love has no strings attached. It is pure generosity. The Rule of St. Benedict says that we are to run in the inexpressible delight of love; how much faster we can run with no strings attached?

Put on the green apron and run with generosity.

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