Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Celebrate a Faithful Person Month

Today is another gorgeous summer day. It reminds me of grade school days, when going to Big Fish Lake on the school bus to take swimming lessons was a big part of my summer. And yesterday, getting caught in the monastery sprinkler system on the way to the garden provided a flashback to trips through the sprinkler in my family's backyard. Memories of those simple joys still make me grin.

The most recent simple pleasure was seeing our garden patch, weed free, brimming with lettuce, spinach, cilantro, cucumbers, zucchini, herbs and well over knee high corn. There’s something about the faithfulness it takes to keep a garden thriving that enhances the flavor of its produce.

Faithfulness is not necessarily an abundant commodity these days. That’s why I delight every time I see it celebrated. Somehow I wish we could declare July as “Celebrate a Faithful Person” month. It definitely fits with the faithfulness of all our veterans. This could also be an invitation to celebrate someone you know who would never think of himself or herself as famous or extraordinary. Wouldn’t your friend, family member, neighbor or coworker be surprised to receive a rose or special note from you thanking them for what they have taught you about faithful, steady support?

Faithfulness was acknowledged at the recent Fourth of July celebration in St. Joseph, Minn. The grand marshal for the city’s parade was Esther Reischl. For 35 years she took care of children as a “nanny” and she volunteered for 30 years for the Veteran’s Administration and the American Legion Auxiliary and over 20 years at Saint Benedict’s Monastery in housekeeping. She regularly drives people to appointments, helps with lunches at the local grade school and meals after funerals. She is known among St. Joseph residents as someone who always can be called on if someone needs help. The applause and shouting that arose when she drove by in her vintage convertible gave tribute to her steady generosity over the years. Tears of appreciation and broad grins accompanied the applause!

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