Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Cosmos and me

Lately, as I gaze at the evening skies, I’m reminded of the lens-shattering insights of Barbara Marx Hubbard, a futurist. We have come to acknowledge that the cosmos is evolving. Barbara has long been supportive of awakening the divine within through meditation on the evolving cosmos and our place within that unfolding. When I recognize this divine connection to the universe, I begin to acknowledge that each of us is called to be an intentional co-creator of this world of ours, moving through an extraordinary transformation.

Barbara invites each of us to meditatively look at our life from God’s point of view. Our God yearns to create heaven on earth, but can only do so with the participation of human beings.

Can I expand my human consciousness enough to allow myself to both care deeply about the unfolding universe, and simultaneously envision my unique “co-creator-gifts” as part of this forward movement? Each morning, can I contemplate the cosmic context of my life and connect to its boundless energy? Am I willing to name a specific way in which my day might acknowledge my alignment with the divine impulse toward the good, the true and the beautiful? I’ve come to recognize that only in meditation does this alignment reveal itself.

Teilhard de Chardin believed that in the evolution of human consciousness lies our hope for the future. For my part, perhaps I might need to do what Joseph Campbell suggests, “We must be willing to let go of the life we planned, so as to accept the life that is waiting for us.” To quote Maureen McCormack, SL, “Awakening to an evolutionary relationship to life may be ‘the life that is waiting for us.’” It could be the change that changes everything.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Finally finished: Blog on Procrastination

Today, I read an e-mail about procrastination that made me chuckle. Maybe, because it was so true to my nature, the best thing to do was laugh. I don’t know about you, but I seem to get into ruts of procrastination especially when life issues or projects seem overwhelming or stretch my brain.

This quote sighted from by Barrie Davenport reads:

“Do you ever wonder why you procrastinate? Well stop wondering, because it doesn't matter. Analyzing why we procrastinate is just another way of procrastinating. “


In fact, I am writing this blog so I can cross “Write blog” off my list and move on to my next procrastination project. I value the wisdom of the Rule of Saint Benedict about not procrastinating. "What can be sweeter to us, dear brethren than this voice of the Lord inviting us? Behold, in His loving kindness, the Lord shows us the way of life. For if we wish to dwell in the tent of that kingdom we must run to it by good deeds or we shall never reach it.”

Gently, with the beckoning the loving kindness of God, do one thing you have been “putting off.” I would love to hear from you.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Enjoy Hands to Heart

Are you one of those persons who love mashed potatoes with or without gravy!  The process of mashed potatoes most likely involves peeling them.  
Today, Jan 28, we celebrate the death of Sister Cordella Goertel, who loved to work with her hands.  She faithfully peeled potatoes for the sisters at the monastery for thirty years.   Her excellent culinary skills – that brought delicious joy to the sisters.  She also loved to dig in the ground working in the gladiola fields.  
Sometimes we live so much in our head and intellectualism that we forget the obvious joy of working with our hands.   At the monastery we celebrated peeling potatoes and had a party for all those women who faithfully gather as a community to peel potatoes. 
Have you today found time to do work with your hands serving, creating, or caring someone?   And may I add: keep it plain and simple.  Enjoy the connection of your hands to the heart that begins to bloom like the gladioli in the field that S. Cordella tended too.   

Thursday, February 2, 2012

On Historians and Cosmologists

It takes a long, long time to think, breathe and act out of the truth that my very being and that of every other creature in the universe share the same energy!

It is not as if the earth was somehow assembled and then I was added to it. No! Rather, I/we came out of the universe in that initial eruption of molten rock from which developed, over millions of years, a universe that gradually awakened into all that surrounds us at this moment and which, day by day, continues to diversify into new forms of life.

But today, there are imminent threats to this magnificent world of ours: it is again in danger of mass destruction – not unlike the one that an asteroid destroyed over 65 million years ago when the dinosaur community ceased to exist (except in the minds and hearts of children who are able to relate to this land creature.)

We need to ask ourselves how and why we have fallen under a spell that seeks to darken that which is light, destroy that which gives life, crush our absolutely necessary connection with the land, vegetation, rainforests, air, aquatic as well as land animals and human beings of every color! Our universe wants to continue and is capable of continuing if you and I tell its magnificent history and find our unique place within its story.

Yes, I’ve been listening to cultural historian Thomas Berry and cosmologist Brian Swimme. I am both exhilarated and worried! You may wish to Google their names and become more aware of why climate change is the concern of our world.