Friday, February 3, 2012

Enjoy Hands to Heart

Are you one of those persons who love mashed potatoes with or without gravy!  The process of mashed potatoes most likely involves peeling them.  
Today, Jan 28, we celebrate the death of Sister Cordella Goertel, who loved to work with her hands.  She faithfully peeled potatoes for the sisters at the monastery for thirty years.   Her excellent culinary skills – that brought delicious joy to the sisters.  She also loved to dig in the ground working in the gladiola fields.  
Sometimes we live so much in our head and intellectualism that we forget the obvious joy of working with our hands.   At the monastery we celebrated peeling potatoes and had a party for all those women who faithfully gather as a community to peel potatoes. 
Have you today found time to do work with your hands serving, creating, or caring someone?   And may I add: keep it plain and simple.  Enjoy the connection of your hands to the heart that begins to bloom like the gladioli in the field that S. Cordella tended too.   


  1. Trish - I like your writing. Did you quit Starbuck's? Loved to hear about the latest from there and miss those posts. - Colleen

  2. I absolutely love mashed potatoes... preferably with gravy.
    The peeling potatoes process gives me a good "excuse" for prayer, and at such a time my prayer is always concentrated on "feeding" my many sponsor children... I cannot feed them with the mashed potatoes but I can feed them with my prayer for a better life for them.