Thursday, February 2, 2012

On Historians and Cosmologists

It takes a long, long time to think, breathe and act out of the truth that my very being and that of every other creature in the universe share the same energy!

It is not as if the earth was somehow assembled and then I was added to it. No! Rather, I/we came out of the universe in that initial eruption of molten rock from which developed, over millions of years, a universe that gradually awakened into all that surrounds us at this moment and which, day by day, continues to diversify into new forms of life.

But today, there are imminent threats to this magnificent world of ours: it is again in danger of mass destruction – not unlike the one that an asteroid destroyed over 65 million years ago when the dinosaur community ceased to exist (except in the minds and hearts of children who are able to relate to this land creature.)

We need to ask ourselves how and why we have fallen under a spell that seeks to darken that which is light, destroy that which gives life, crush our absolutely necessary connection with the land, vegetation, rainforests, air, aquatic as well as land animals and human beings of every color! Our universe wants to continue and is capable of continuing if you and I tell its magnificent history and find our unique place within its story.

Yes, I’ve been listening to cultural historian Thomas Berry and cosmologist Brian Swimme. I am both exhilarated and worried! You may wish to Google their names and become more aware of why climate change is the concern of our world.

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