Tuesday, March 27, 2018

I Hope Your Life Gets You to Heaven

Photo by Karen Streveler, OSB
My greatest life lessons came from my eight years volunteering for hospice. I listened to people tell me about the importance of spending time with others. I learned about the value of quiet times to think, to appreciate what you have and not worry about what you don’t have. I heard a lot about spirituality, the values God wants us to live by and the missed opportunities to live them. The values I wanted to grow in my life were compassion, patience, humility, love and respecting your neighbor.

My time at hospice made me reflect on my own life. As a result, I felt called to become a Benedictine Oblate in 2008. I promised to live my life according to the Rule of St. Benedict. I think people in hospice would be happy to hear I am living my life using the guidelines from the Rule.

I have a community of Benedictine sisters who support and encourage my oblate lifestyle. My sisters and brother monks are always available to listen. Their lives model the importance of spending time with your neighbor and showing hospitality. Since I became an oblate, my life is more relaxed and peaceful. Benedict suggests I take some quiet time every day, to think, to reflect, to have a conversation with God, knowing that God loves me for who I am, even with all my faults.

The Rule of St. Benedict suggests I think about death every day. In my quiet time, I often think about the lessons I learned from the people in hospice. One lady’s comment was my greatest lesson and supports my decision to live an oblate lifestyle: “I hope your life gets you to Heaven.”

I would like to invite you to a gathering to meet oblates and hear about this rich lifestyle. We will gather April 7, 9:30 a.m., St. Benedict's Monastery, St. Joseph, Minn. We will share community, hospitality and love of neighbor. Please call (320) 363-7144 to register. Thanks.

Benedictines hope and pray your life gets you to Heaven.

Bob Lesniewski, OblSB

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