Tuesday, October 18, 2016

There's No Place Like Home

(Saint Scholastica Convent)
Photo by Nancy Bauer, OSB

Saint Scholastica Convent is our senior home for our sisters. Sometimes sisters go there for limited stays after surgery, illness, or injury. Others choose to live at Saint Scholastica Convent because they prefer the slower pace. They like the quality of life, and they are able to serve other sisters while living out their own retirement. Sister Janet recently moved from Saint Benedict's Monastery to Saint Scholastica Convent. This is her reflection in verse:

(Sisters Mary Pattison, Anella Mayerhofer
 and Stephen Kurpiers)
Sitting on a hill, 
this skilled retirement center 
is so monastic. 

I think I’ve seen it all.
Saint Scholastica Convent is my new home
and I love it here. 

For all God’s people, 
they pray the prayer of the church--
Liturgy of the Hours. 

Unique wheelchair spaces 
were designed with thought for all 
in sisters’ chapel.

Asked a person
what strikes her as she visits
and the novice said:
(Sister receiving TLC)
“… calm energy, peace 
and joy emanating from smiles, 
alive but serene.”

I’ve yet to see staff 
not seem happy to be here, 
engaging sisters.

Sisters who are able 
show thoughtfulness to each other, 
stand-in helping hands. 

Unique to these sisters: 
They transport partners’ wheelchairs--
"the buddy system."

(Sister Dalene Schindler pushed in her chair)

That loving push brings
sister’s buddy to her site 
at prayers or at lunch. 

Resident elders 
receiving care for their needs
gift us with wisdom.

Janet Thielges, OSB


  1. I've always wondered what it was like for those I loved to live in this place. Being so far away I never was able to visit Jackie while she spent her last years there. I worried about her and now know there was no need. Sister Janet, thank you for this incredible prayer/poem that has quieted all the fears I ever had. St. Scholastica sounds like a prayerful, compassionate, loving place. It looks like the only way I can sign is anonymous...I don't mean to be. Pat Pickett

    1. I'm so glad that S. Janet could set your mind at rest. I'll make sure that she sees your comment. S.Karen

    2. Thank you for your response, Pat. It’s always encouraging to know your efforts touched someone. I am so glad that the haiku resolved your query. From what you said, I know you are far away, but if you ever happen to get near, do stop in to visit us! God bless you! S. Janet Thielges