Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Acupressure Nudges

Leland Kaiser, a health futurist says, “Natural systems, like plants, animals and the human body, function simply and organically to achieve desired goals with just enough structure”. For example, there are just enough cells to create tissues, there are just enough tissues to make organs and there are just enough organs to make a human body. If excess cells are produced, the organism becomes dis-eased and loses its original natural flow.

Human-made systems, like education, politics, healthcare etc. have a difficult time maintaining the achievement of their initial goals. Human-made systems easily become encumbered with rigidly structured elements. Adding complex structure easily constricts organic flow, and therefore ultimately tends to” break” or turn into “paralyzed- obsolescence” the system’s initial effectiveness.

Natural healing approaches such as acupressure, seem to acknowledge the body’s desire to maintain it’s simple and organic nature by gently nudging it’s self-healing flow. Unduly heavy nudges hold the risk of introducing structural course-corrections that may overpower the existing self-correcting body mechanisms. In a life-threatening crisis or accident, major structural corrections immediately need to be made by wonderfully skilled practitioners. For other situations, there are amazing natural nudges which have been used for centuries that frequently help the body remember its original resilience.

God certainly is the ideal model-maker for organic simplicity and flow. It’s another whole dimension to choose to follow the invitation to incorporate those two elements in my daily healthy living choices. One can only keep trying.

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