Friday, May 13, 2011

Sprucing up the Campus for Graduation

Graduation happens at the College of Saint Benedict tomorrow, May 14, with Eucharist at 9 and 11 a.m. in Sacred Heart Chapel. Everyone will be dressed up and eager to hear the student speakers who most likely will sum up the four years of experience here at St. Ben's and St. John's. The other part of their messages will be encouragement and positive attitudes about going out into the world where few jobs are available and grad schools are hard to come by.

But that is not all that students are doing. Some are volunteering for a year. We at Saint Benedict's Monastery are delighted to be sending four of the newest grads to serve for 10 months at monasteries in Puerto Rico and Tanzania.

Sarah Schwalbach and Jana Gracyzk will be leaving for Humacao, Puerto Rico on July 30, while Maggie Niebur and Ashley Irons will be flying to Dar es Salaam on July 30 in order to travel across country to St. Agnes Convent in Chipole. I will accompany them, because this is our first placement in Tanzania.

It seems fitting that the campus be spruced up so our graduates have one last look at this gorgeous place they have called home for four years! Congratulations Graduates!!

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