Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Early Morning Reverie

submitted by Renee Domeier, OSB

I love the early morning hours. Usually, I rise at 5 AM but with a 6:30 AM appointment today, I had to be out of the comfy zone by 4:30! I knew I would miss community prayer at 7, so I was pleasantly surprised when my appointment ended at 7:35 -- the very time I would typically be leaving the Oratory at the monastery. With a bit of time on my hands, I felt free to go where the Spirit led me. It brought me to a sign on a wall outside a small, recessed room at the Central Care Unit. The sign said, "Prayer Room:  Just BE, REST, THINK, PRAY."  Wanting to accept every element of that beguiling invitation, I entered the room.  No one else was there and, when I closed the door, every sound was blocked out; I felt that the room enclosed and enfolded me protectively.  All of the chairs, some 8 or 10, faced east -- into the sun. And what a glorious sun it was! It shone brilliantly through the large bay window, making the colored glass circles within it shimmer like jewels. The effect was stunning - mesmerizing! Subtle designs of hills and mountains shone through on the glass as well. Allowing myself to be stunned and mesmerized, I felt enveloped in beauty and grace.  Moreover, I was pleased that my Benedictine community had donated the attractive fountain in front of that bright, colorful window. The fountain's gently bubbling waters were baptismal for me. I felt pasted to the chair and could not move. "All that was your Father's kiss for the day," suggested a friend. 
Early morning hours hold promise, don't they? This day's beginning gave me so much more than I expected, but then moments of grace often do.  

photo originally found at www.stgeorgeohio.org

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