Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dandelion Resolutions

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During this Easter and spring season I've been thinking a lot about the Gospel of Jesus. There was such an authentic and nonjudgmental way in which He walked among us. I must confess I've been particularly influenced by the scriptural comments of Richard Rohr and Jean Vanier. Both of them highlight the radical nature of Jesus' world view. He was never confused about how sacred everyone and everything is. He was never deflected from his course by persons who tried to belittle or harm him. He acknowledged his human dependence by creating time to "go to the desert or mountain or garden" to listen to the words of His Father, the source of love and truth.

I got to thinking, what I want right now is some concrete "Summer Resolutions" that tune into this Gospel of Jesus. Maybe I'll try to focus on just one.

Walk more slowly and look more deeply at whatever I'm looking at
Find a garden, mountain or deserted place to hang out in and listen

Notice what "I'm fighting"
Notice what I'm longing for
Notice what I'm grateful for

The one thing that's certain is that any of these will slow my pace. And maybe just like the dandelions I see appearing, my taproot may have a chance to grow deeper and stronger. That way, if ever there be the rare occasion I get the feeling that "someone has just lopped off my head," my taproot will let me stay grounded and full of life.

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