Tuesday, March 29, 2011

God's Overflowing Spirit

There is a Hasidic rendition of the creation story which speaks to my heart’s desire to find God wherever God is! According to the master, God took the form of a human being, placed it before her/himself, took off the highest point of the human form, its head, in order to-- as it were— pour “godness”, divinity, into the human being. Of course, all the space within the human form gladly received the gifts of God into its every nook and cranny, but, as is its wont, the limited container could never contain all the content so generously and abundantly poured into it. Understandably, the precious sparks of God’s being and Spirit overflowed the container and got encrusted in the surrounding rocks, trees, frogs, flowers, running streams. Now, it is the happy task of all rational creation to break open these encrusted sparks to find their God. How do we do that? By becoming aware of our wonderful world waiting to reveal its secret!

photo by S. Nancy Bauer

[Note: Today we welcome our new blogger, Sister Renee Domeier! We look forward to many wonderful insights and maybe even some poems from her in future blogs.]

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