Friday, March 18, 2011

Feast of St. Joseph -- March 19

Today's blog is a guest post by Chris Eisenbacher, Maintenance Supervisor at Saint Benedict's Monastery

Every morning when I show up for work, I enter the building on the monastery grounds called the Saint Joseph Shop, named after the worker/carpenter Joseph. I enter my office where a statue of Saint Joseph holding baby Jesus overlooks my desk for everyone to see.

For at least 25 years and maybe longer, one way the Feast of Saint Joseph has been celebrated on the monastery campus has been during morning break. The physical plant director invites the housekeeping staff, maintenance crew and treasurer for treats (rolls and cookies ) and coffee, at which time workers get kind words of gratitude for the work that has been performed throughout the year and then joyous conversations take place for a brief moment in our work day.

As you walk through the campus on the south side of the Gathering Place, you can also cast your eyes on a very large statue of Saint Joseph in the triangular grass area with a bench to relax for a moment after a hard day of work. Saint Joseph is the patron saint of the town where the monastery is located and of the parish church just north of the monastery. We at the Saint Joseph Shop are certainly always aware of him,
 especially on the annual feast day, March 19.

photo: statue of St. Joseph at Saint Benedict's Monastery

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  1. I enjoyed your comment about the ways the maintenance staff has celebrated the Feast of St. Joseph over the years. I didn't know there was a statue of St. Joseph near your desk in the
    St. Joseph Shop, and that you meet with the Sisters in physical plant and housekeeping for a special luncheon every year on the feast day.
    I'm interested in hearing about other things you do so graciously and well for those of us living at the monastery. Thank you! Katherine Kraft, OSB