Thursday, March 17, 2011

Birthing a New Earth

This is an amazing time to be alive. There are so many world events that could lead us into the paralysis of fear: fear for Japan in the aftermath of the tsunami and the ongoing threat of a nuclear disaster, for rebels willing to be martyrs for human dignity and freedom, for individuals blindly feeling their way through the maze of an unstable economy, for committed politicians disheartened by structures devoid of any cross-pollination, and much more.

And yet we have all seen each crisis give birth to amazingly courageous leaders, heroes and heroines. And we have joined the loving energies of countless healers, marking times and places to converge and send compassion, love and protecting light into each new situation. May this Light break open the seed of our being so that we too can become the compassion and love that Births a New Earth … an earth filled with creative energy and Oneness.

photo: A child helps to plant seedlings at Common Ground Garden (which is currently accepting subscriptions! For more information, click here.)

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