Thursday, September 30, 2010

From Homo Bay, Kenya, to St. Joseph, Minnesota

Last night, we had the privilege of hosting the delegates from Homa Bay diocese in our Monastic Dining Room. We often have guests because Benedictine Hospitality is part of the fabric of our lives. These delegates have been staying at our Spirituality Center all week as they participate in events in the area.

The delegates are very special people who are part of the ongoing partnership between the St. Cloud Diocese and the Homa Bay Diocese in Kenya. The partnership, in existence for many years, features an exchange of travel for diocesan members from Minnesota to Kenya and from Kenya to Minnesota. This was the year that Kenyans blessed us with their presence.
For two weeks, men and women of the Homa Bay Diocese along with the Bishop of the diocese--Bishop Philip Anyolo--have been visiting parishes, institutions of health care, but especially this year commemorating the death of Father John Kaiser. Father John ministered in Kenya for many years and died there in the struggle to support those who were being disabused of their rights. He was from the St. Cloud Diocese and therefore has special meaning for both partners.

The delegates from Kenya were part of a special remembrance of Father Kaiser (“Father John Kaiser and the Struggle for Human Rights in Kenya”) during the Annual Peace Conference at the College of Saint Benedict/Saint John’s University on Monday night. The delegates sang a Kiswahili funereal song (see photo above).

We have been blessed by their presence and will be sad to see them leave today!

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