Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Deadheading Anonymous

I admit I am a compulsive deadheader and could easily be part of a deadheading anonymous support group. Any time I see flowers that need deadheading, especially in a public area, I snap and crackle a stem or old bloom. My intentions are pure, making it possible for people to enjoy the beauty of the flowers longer, as deadheading spurs on more blooms. I have been thinking a lot about deadheading as the summer winds down and I tend my flowers.

We humans also experience deadheading. We’re planted, watered, watched, enjoyed as we flourish and then snapped or cut back. Deadheading flowers is always a reminder of the paschal mystery of life. Sometimes in life we are deadheaded. Our life cycle of bloom comes to an end and we are pruned or snapped back. Then we wait and live in faith until the next bloom arrives, never knowing if it will be the same shape, color or size as the original.

From generation to generation, our God is faithful. The Rule of St. Benedict says as we travel on life’s path, we are to keep death daily before our eyes. One reason may be that a bloom is awaiting the next cycle of life.

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