Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Scenes from the Garden

We have entered the high season for harvesting in our gardens. This includes the Sisters' vegetable and flower gardens. Here are a few highlights:

The gladioli (yes, that's the Dictionary advice on the plural) are in bloom two weeks early and being gathered by the bucketload. Sister Elizabeth Theis brought around a cartload yesterday and now they grace all of our office spaces.

What impresses me more, however, is the ingenuity of Sister Ruth Ann Schneider in flower arrangement. In the Gathering Place we have had this gorgeous vase full of dill and lavender. It would never occur to me to turn that into a centerpiece!

Sister Elaine Schroeder has already canned 44 quarts of pickles and is passing along the abundant cucumbers to Sister Josue Behnen to pickle. Here she shows the right size cucumber for pickles!

Sister Benet Frandrup pointed out that the corn is way more than knee high-- it's already over her head!

Volunteer gardeners make the difference at this time of year-- here enjoying a break with Sister Theresa Lodermeier. Those are some dirty knees, S. Theresa!

Common Ground gardeners got help from the Saint John's Arboretum student workers last Thursday to haul in the bounty for that week's subscriptions. They also are continuing meetings for a new initiative that will make dedicated garden space available for cultivation of produce expressly for donation to local food shelves.

What's happening in your garden these days?


  1. I remember well planting those gladioli bulbs as a novice and jr. sister. The fields were so beautiful as they bloomed. I also remember well picking gooseberries...those terrible thorns. Thanks for sharing. I have a few flowers and they are better since we have had abundant rain the past two weeks.

    Paulette (Hoffmann) Shimer

  2. It never stops. When I was visiting on the 11th, I was greeted first by the beautiful bouquet of flowers at the entrance to the guest house (more a home--thanks to Sr Rita), and all through the visit, especially in the Gathering Place, I had to stop and
    smell the flowers. What better way to greet guests than with flowers! So now the beauty is sent to me via email. This came in the middle of my workday--beauty in the middle of the day.I can't help but pause...(not too long, for the spreadsheet has to be finished today!)
    Thanks, and may the tradition of bringing beauty into the lives of others, continue.

  3. Our garden is minimal this year due to a wedding, but bought baby dills at Farmer's Market and made 20 qts of dill pickels!! Had the urge for pickled beets, so pickled 3 pints this a.m...(don't laugh). Had never done it before, so feeling pretty proud of myself.
    LOVE the garden pictures you have posted, they are beautiful.
    Carla T.

  4. Sister Ann Marie brought me one for my studium apartment and I have enjoyed it very much. Thank you for the beautiful flower.
    Deborah S.