Thursday, August 12, 2010

Benedictine Women's Service Corps

".....Send them out two by two ....." Mark 6:7

On Sunday, August 15, we welcome our first three CSB grads who will be volunteering for nine months at two different Benedictine Monasteries. We are so proud of these first three women who have made a very serious commitment and fulfilled the dream of many grads who went before them. For quite a number of years, Bennie grads have asked the Sisters to sponsor a program for volunteers. So, finally, in 2010, we are beginning our program with the following adventurous women:

Megan Sinner, an English major from Renville, Minnesota, will be living and working with the Sisters at St. Placid Priory in Lacey, Washington. Megan will spend much of her time working with Sisters from Tanzania as they complete their Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees and become competent in the English language. She will work with Sister Redempta Ndungura from St. Agnes, Chipole Benedictine Sisters in Tanzania, as she begins work on her dissertation for her Master’s degree in School Administration. Megan will also work with Sister Anna Maria who will be doing her student teaching in pre-K through grade 2during the fall semester.

Daisy Nevarez, a management major from Herford, Texas, will be joining Ashley at Monasterio Santa Escolastica in Puerto Rico. Daisy will assist students primarily in the areas of computer education. Daisy will no doubt assist in some areas of the Theatre program established in the elementary school.

Ashley Zartner, an English major from Bell, California, will be living with the Sisters in Monasterio Santa Escolastica, Puerto Rico, and serving in their elementary school. She will assist students in the areas of reading, writing and language arts. She will be working primarily in Kindergarten and the lower elementary grades. Her primary task will be to teach them English.

Now that we are beginning our program for volunteers, let us pray for its success, that these women find fulfillment in serving the little children of Puerto Rico and the Tanzanian adults in Lacey, WA.

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