Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Talented Friends

One of the great delights of being a member of our monastic community is becoming aware of the many talented women we have in our midst. Noting how they each make significant contributions to the church and/or society makes me feel proud to be associated with them. Presently, I am particularly impressed with the rich contributions our hymn writer, Sister Delores Dufner, is making during just this one summer.

During the weekend of May 21 – May 24, S. Delores was a speaker in Dallas, Texas, at the Hymn Writers’ Symposium. Some of her texts were featured in that Pentecost Sunday’s Hymn Festival, accompanied by the composer Joel Martinson.

When the Collegeville Conference on Music, Liturgy, and the Arts meets at St. John's University from June 22 – June 24, S. Delores will be a speaker on each of the three days:
  • June 22, Experiencing, Deepening, and Claiming Our Identity through Song
  • June 23, Integrating Liturgy and Life through Song
  • June 24, Choosing to Hope in a Time of Transition

On Friday, June 25 - Sunday, June 27 at the College of St. Benedict Reunion, S. Delores will give a talk at her class’s Golden Anniversary Dinner titled “Words Matter.”

When the National Pastoral Musicians’ Convention meets in Detroit on July 12 – 15, she will give presentations at two break-out sessions

  • Lessons Learned from the Liturgical Renewal
  • Celebrating Liturgy with Aging Religious Communities

Then comes a special event in Duluth when S. Delores will attend the premiere performance of her text, “A Song of Hope,” commissioned by the MCEA (Minnesota Catholic Educators’ Association). This takes place at their annual convention ( August 23 – August 24) and their theme for this year is “We Are People of Hope.” The musical setting is arranged by Michael Joncas and the performance will be directed by Axel Theimer.

I received all this wonderful information when I asked S. Delores the simple question, “What will you be doing this summer?” I decided to ask her to give me a written list. How else could anyone keep track of the wealth of contributions she is making?


  1. Is there a way to get text of S. Delores' speeches/presentations after they have been delivered? Will you post them here?

  2. We won't post them on the blog... I imagine you'd have to contact S. Delores directly to get the text, as I don't know of plans to publish the talks at any of these meetings. Thanks for your interest!