Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Girls, God, Good Times... and Benedictine Values

Monday through Wednesday of this week the Sisters are holding the first of two summer camps. The Benedictine camps, "God, Girls and Good Times," are for girls in 4-5 grade and 6-8 grade. Yesterday, the counselors had a session with their campers on Benedictine values.

During the ice cream social with the Sisters in the afternoon, one Sister asked the girls at her table what her favorite Benedictine value was. Without hesitation, they responded:

"Stewardship, because I really love the earth and want to take good care of it."

"Peace, because even though I fight with my brother sometimes, I really want to be a more peaceful person."

"Listening, because I like to listen to other people and I think it helps them because I'm a good listener."

"Hospitality, because I think it is like respect. I want people to respect me and so practicing hospitality is a way of giving them repect."

We wish the campers and counselors all a transformative and positive experience!

To learn more about Girls, God and Good Times, click here.

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