Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Place in Between

Photo by S. Nancy Bauer
During the Lenten season, nature gives us daily reminders that we are in a space where the ending of winter and not-yet spring is happening.  In-between- times rarely feel comfortable.  It can often be a challenge to remember that God typically waits patiently to speak to our hearts in open spaces.  Each of us prepares our hearts for opening up in different ways.

 Here at St. Benedict’s Monastery we have begun to nudge ourselves into creating God-spaces by looking at the physical spaces around us.  We have designated several clearing-house Wednesdays in Lent.  Each Wednesday has its unique focus, beginning with bringing lightly used clothing and shoes to a central site and then delivering them to local agencies that distribute them to those in need .  Another time the focus might be books or items that the local parish could sale at their Christmas fundraiser. 

The communal aspect of these little “letting goes” remind us of how connected we are to one another and those around us.  Simple “letting-goes” seem to provide space for highlighting the daily ways God fills and renews us.  Maybe gratitude has a twin sister called “letting go.”

Sister Mary Rachel Kuebelbeck

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