Thursday, March 9, 2017

A Little Adventure

cid:DD1C914D-C865-40FC-B3F2-743B8F702F00Benedictine Women Service Corps (BWSC), an outreach of Saint Benedict’s Monastery, St. Joseph, Minn., invites College of Saint Benedict alumnae to join the monastic community in deepening relationships that support justice and service in a new location. Volunteers strive to live out the Benedictine Gospel values that were formed during their undergraduate education in a capacity that will challenge them personally, spiritually and professionally.

In the past few weeks since my last blog, I have been afforded the opportunity to do some amazing things. I was able to go to Washington, DC, to see most of the monuments. Sister Andrea Westcamp and I did 6.5 miles, starting in the very center of the National Mall and walking our way to each monument, starting with the Washington Monument. It was a long walk! The 6.5 miles we did was completed in just under 4 hours, but it was amazing to see the history of the United States - something I’ve only ever seen in a historical textbook.



The very next day, the community planned a trip to Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s plantation and house. It was incredible to be able to spend the entire day with the sisters (and Greg, an oblate), but also to be in Thomas Jefferson’s house and to see and live the history. I’ve never been much of a history fan, but being able to walk through history and imagine what life would have been like back in time was something I know I would like to do again.  

It’s amazing how quickly an individual or group of individuals can affect your life. I’ve personally experienced this while spending my time here in Bristow. As May quickly approaches, so does the dread that I eventually have to leave this wonderful group of women and begin my adventure into the unknowns of adulthood. As I reflect on what I want in my future, I quickly come to the question of when next I will be able to visit the sisters here in Virginia. 

In just a few short months, the sisters here in Virginia have become my second family. Sometimes the love that comes with that can be a bit smothering, but then again, so can the love of a mother or grandmother. They care, they love me as much as I love them. As I spent the last week recovering from an outpatient laparoscopic surgery, the sisters did more than take care of me. They made me feel comfortable, as if I was at home. Many people had asked if my mother was going to be coming to Virginia to be with me through the surgery. As I think about this, it wasn’t necessary. I was not afraid or nervous because I knew I had 30 women waiting for me at home, ready to take care of me just like my mother would have.

I would like to thank all those that have kept me in their prayers over the past week! Surgery went better than expected and I am almost back to being my bubbly self (I have to keep the bubbles down, no strenuous activities for a few more weeks!)

Sending my love and prayers,


 (The pictures above are both from Monticello. The flowers are through a window in the cellar, looking onto one of his small gardens).


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