Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Face of Christ

Sisters from Saint Benedict’s Monastery were part of the “Church of the Week” program recently at the Place of Hope, a homeless shelter in Saint Cloud. I wanted to participate so one night three of us sisters volunteered and spent a night at the Place of Hope. Several other sisters also volunteered on a different night. The experience of seeing the face of some homeless women and men has given me a whole new understanding of how some people live day after day. I did not hear their stories. Yet whatever brought them there challenged me to come to a greater understanding of seeing the face of Christ among all our sisters and brothers. I was also witness to the beautiful way that the staff interacted and assisted the homeless guests that night. This was reflective for me because I was an observer to the service the staff provided with love and compassion. Each guest was treated as if he or she were Christ himself. The kindness, respect and gentleness shown to each individual was a reminder for me to do more of the same. I will carry this experience with me into the future and open myself up to all the people I meet each and every day remembering we are all the face of Christ.

Lisa Rose, OSB


If you would like more information about Saint Benedict’s Monastery please contact Sister Lisa Rose at lrose@csbsju.edu.

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