Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Thanks, Dad

The Rose family
Photo by Lisa Rose, OSB
I am sitting in the living room as my dad lies in the hospital bed. The house is empty right now except for the two of us. Being alone, it is easier to tell him that I love him and thank him for being my dad. I thank him especially for teaching me how to pray.

I believe that my religious vocation was first nurtured in the home by the example of my parents through their faithfulness to prayer and going to church. I am remembering the day I told my parents that I wanted to join Saint Benedict’s Monastery. They supported me in my vocation from that day forward. I recall one Sunday evening when I was returning to  Saint Benedict’s when dad said to me: “If you ever want to come home, the door is always open.” I was touched by that comment because he always wanted the best for his children.

And in wanting the best for us, he always made sure we got to church on Sunday. I remember once, when we were not home for a weekend, the most important thing my parents did was find a church so we could go together as a family. My parents always liked to sit up front, so we would walk up to the first pew as a family and stay until the last word of the final hymn was sung. Often the pews behind us were empty when we left the church.

I took the time to thank dad that day when we were alone, for teaching me about Jesus. At this time, I am in vigil with my dad, as he is slowly leaving the world we know it and he is moving on to his final journey to meet Jesus--the Jesus he loves so much. As I say good-bye to my dad, I am grateful for my own vocation.

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Lisa Rose, OSB


  1. I am holding you and your Dad closely in my heart during this sacred time.

    1. Thank you, Mary. I know that will mean a lot to Sister Lisa. I will tell her. Sister Karen