Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A Carrot Like Your Spiritual Journey?

Have you ever wondered where carrot seeds come from? Well recently, I learned that a carrot needs to stay in the ground for two years before it flowers and produces seeds. This was new information for me and I found it fascinating. A friend explained that the root of the carrot actually dries up and nourishes the top. The top, the green, eventually forms a flower which then produces seeds. It is in this miracle of nature that a carrot gives up its life for the production of new seeds. If you reflect on it, you can compare the process that a carrot goes through in producing seeds to your own spiritual journey. To clarify, as a carrot spends two years in the earth to rest in the quiet, a person who spends time in the quiet place of her heart will nourish her faith. So quiet time is one way to strengthen the foundation of your faith and experience spiritual growth. In comparison, our outward signs of spiritual growth, such as the flower is for the carrot, could be acts of kindness that brighten the day of the people you meet.

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By Lisa Rose, OSB

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