Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Walking with God in a Fragile World

It’s the title of the book I’m reading.

Great title. . . .

But it’s  that “ing” word that catches me!

No doubt: we ARE in a fragile world

though the word, “world” is too global a concept for me.

 “World” is big, over THERE

        where planes, drones, guns,

        bloodshed, deceit, endless destruction

        happen daily, moment by moment.

“World” is too far removed from me, HERE

       where yellow-leafed trees surround me

      and bouquets of golden mums,

      food three times a day and coffee in between.

HERE, where I don’t constantly worry about

       my child out on the street or the horrible fear

       in my gut when the telephone sounds. . .

HERE we have bathrooms, soap and water,

       friends to meet our helplessness,  and a

       chapel to harbor our miniscule worries.

HERE, we have only begun to see and feel  the effects

     of climactic change. 

    We doubt that catastrophe

    will ever overtake us. . .NO,

   not here in America!

So, LORD, how can I walk in this fragile world. . .

     “over there”

     “down south”

     “on the east coast”?

“By walking with Me. . .”     

     “There’s that bothersome  ‘ing’ word again. . .

     something in progress, Webster suggests!

‘But I’m beyond 80,’ I tell myself; others can do it better, faster. . .”

Yet, deep within, I hear sounds of another voice:

        “That’s not enough!

        You, my friend, are sufficient to the task too!  Wake up!

        Are you watching and praying? Not even for one hour?”

“Is that perhaps You, Lord, speaking to me?  ‘Yes’ You say?

      Then, help me with those  ‘ ing’ words.”

Please! Let me never close my eyes to the terrors

      of  this fragile world

      and its impending danger

      even as I sit here, even here,

      watching and waiting for You,

      weeping over our 21st century Jerusalem,

      where millions of seemingly unimportant people die.

We are vulnerable, Lord. . .

    wounded and wounding.

Please, have mercy on us. Please. . . Amen.

Renee Domeier, OSB

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