Thursday, November 3, 2016

LISTEN! It's Time For School!

You might think going to school is over—done that! Yet, as a Benedictine sister or monk, our lives and our homes, in the words of the Rule of Benedict are “schools of the Lord’s service.” Yes, hopefully, we keep on learning and growing daily. Most of the information we need and/or are curious about is literally at our fingertips—within a second!

But listen! There are other approaches to learning and growing for which our hearts long. Where can we turn for guidance at such a time of awakening? One way of living that has sustained thousands of Christians through 1500 years is found in the Rule of Benedict which integrates Gospel values such as prayer, hospitality, community, respect for all creation and beauty.

Benedictine values are the lifeblood of monasteries and abbeys of dedicated women and men all over the world. A major work of Benedictines over the centuries continues today in schools and libraries. Their main purpose is to teach and help students of all ages to envision for themselves and others how the way of Benedictine spirituality can influence their lives whatever their vocation might be.

Today our guests, co-workers, oblates and volunteers who visit and work side-by-side with sisters often express wonder and interest in our lives in the monastery. Questions like, “How do so many women live side by side in harmony?” and “What is it that calls you daily and nourishes your lives of prayer and community?”

We are responding in the age-old way of Benedictines. Yes, we have established a School of Benedictine Spirituality! The School offers four courses incorporating Benedictine/Gospel values for study and reflection. The classroom becomes a small community for interchange and there are times to meet and pray with the sisters in the monastery. Why not enhance your knowledge and deepen your spiritual life by choosing one of the courses?

  • Living Benedictine Values
  • Lectio Divina (prayerful reading)
  • Psalms and the Liturgy of the Hours
  • Spirituality of the Benedictine Tradition. Find out more here.

We invite your participation in the School. It is a great joy for us to support you in your spiritual life and to hand on the Benedictine way of life. Questions? Email


Theresa Schumacher, OSB

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