Tuesday, July 19, 2016

What Do You Dream?

Sometime ago, I had a dream in which I was one of a huge multitude of people.  All of us had just been in a serious accident . . .but the surprising thing was that no one was afraid; rather, we were all smiling, talking animatedly, and helping one another . . .whether cleaning another’s wounds, giving water or meds to another or walking together along a very long path.  No one seemed to need rest . . . but rather instinctively knew that, as we walked or limped, we were to leave no one behind!  Apparently , all of us knew where we were going, i.e., to our Father’s House where we would surely see friends, members of our families, even those who made us suffer while on earth . . . Then I awakened!

Upon thinking of my dream, I realized it was expressing, for me, some thoughts on planting, watering and harvesting (of all unusual themes!)  Quite literally, WE are the “crop”, the fruit of another’s labors in the family, the church, our society!  I thought of the JOY on the faces of all in my dream; no one was sad!  Were they so joyful because they were helping another?  Welcoming another on the road?  Allowing another to serve? Making sure no one would be left behind? Even more surprising to me was that everyone walked, fully confident that they were going HOME to the welcoming embrace of their Father and other family members.

I know that this dream expresses what I deeply desire—that we stand in awe of a God who depends upon us to bind up one another’s wounds or remind another of our undeserved privilege in being part of God’s family.  It also expresses some of what I feel led to do: be a bridge of understanding and forgiveness, especially among the marginalized members of our society! How many more years will be given me?  I don’t know.  My friend, Fr. Rick Thomas gives an answer: “God speaks through circumstances.  When God makes something possible, God wants you to do it; and when God makes it impossible, God wants you to quit.”

Have we reflected sufficiently on the circumstances of this day? What will I/you do so as to leave no one behind?  With the Psalmist we can be sure that “goodness and kindness will follow us all the days of our lives. . .”


Renee Domeier, O.S.B

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