Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Show Me Change

Relationships, experiences, and mirroring change you much more than ideas. You cannot really do something until you have seen someone else do it. You do not know what patience is until you have met one truly patient person. You do not know what love is until you have observed how a loving person loves. We hold great power for one another--for good and for ill.  (Richard Rohr, “Daily Meditation”, May 24, 2016).

 True elders and spiritual teachers mirror their values and wisdom.  On their life journey they have witnessed and experienced transformational values. Having invited incarnational relationships to transform their own hearts and visons, they become ready to articulate and mirror their journey-into-change to those around them. 

We are much like a coin with two sides.  On the one side of the coin, life experiences reveal to us the limitations of our own wisdom, power and tiny self.  And on the other side, prayer moves us into recognizing that there is nothing that can separate us from a God who will always love us unconditionally, no matter how we look from the outside, and will always blow on the embers of our gifts so that we can become a light to others.  Light begets light.  Becoming change begets change.

Sister Mary Rachel Kuebelbeck

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