Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Smartphone Adventure

The smartphone adventure is one that I held off for a long time. Because I was very comfortable with my “land line” and “flip phone,” I saw no reason for a smartphone. I supported my choice for not owning one for the following reasons: “It is too expensive”, and “Will I learn or need to use all the things a smartphone is capable of doing?” Eventually I made the decision to buy a smartphone. So, when the sales rep. told me, “You now own a mini computer”, “Yikes!” I thought, I am still learning how to use a desk top computer, my learning curve just increased. I am gradually learning the benefits a smartphone has to offer. One benefit is that I am able to stay connected to more people than I had ever dreamed of, if I choose to so. As a work benefit, it will help me connect and collaborate with other vocation directors.  The smartphone lets me respond to email, send a text message, check Facebook, and actually make a phone call, imagine that. I must admit that I am slow to get up to date with the social media of today’s world. Yet, as I learn how to work with my smartphone, I see the many advantages available at my fingertips. I have the plus of staying connected 24/7 which is okay for some people but not for me. In this case I have learned that I can just as easily ignore the buzz that alerts me to a new email or I can respond. I choose to ignore it, especially if I am engaged in a face to face conversation at the time.  I do not want a smartphone to take me away from the real person right in front of me. As a novice smartphone owner I know I have a lot to learn.  In conclusion I am grateful for the many willing individuals, all younger than I am, who are ready to teach me the tricks and conveniences of this new piece of technology. So all you smartphone users, I wish you well. If you would like more information about our community, please contact Sister Lisa Rose at lrose@csbsju.edu.


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