Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Laudato Si

Daylilies lift their heads
like golden trumpets
resounding in exuberant joy
Finches, wrens, sparrows
whistling, trilling, warbling
toss their ecstasy into the universe
Rabbit peeking from under
the glorious dogwood bush
offers shy worship
Squirrels digging in wood-chipped earth
startled by some mysterious impulse
stand, alert and ready
Elm trees laden with seeds
bow, bend, wave 
In wondrous rhythm

Stately firs
in elegant symmetry 
announce a paean of praise
Sister Philip rolls her lumbering cart
across the grounds
tools clang, clack, thrum
Modesta’s vacuum hums,
Jane’s mop swishes in time
with Dolores at the organ
In the tranquil cemetery
holy witnesses in silent concert bespeak
enduring faithfulness and ardent love
          LAUDATO  SI!
Kathryn Casper, OSB

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