Tuesday, March 8, 2016

How Did Jesus Do It?

I’m trying to connect a loving God with the events of Holy Week and Easter.  How did Jesus do it?


Jesus learned to listen when God spoke to him through his mother, inviting him to begin manifesting a love-miracle at Cana when he thought it wasn’t the right time.  Jesus had to ignore the criticisms of the Pharisees when they told him he couldn’t lovingly heal on the Sabbath.


Jesus, as the Son of God, had his Father’s DNA. Over and over he listened and chose to obey his Father’s love invitations i.e. trust in God’s mysterious plan, no matter how difficult that might turn out to be.  Then he shocked us by telling us that we too are “children of God” with God-DNA.


He didn’t hide his anguished-listening in the garden. He even asked God to “Let this cup pass from me…, but not my will but Thine be done.” His listening meant “letting go”. He knew he would be betrayed by one of his own, that his death would break the hearts of his loved ones, and that a life of daily revealing the God-message to his people had failed.


Was his last and hardest “letting go” forgiving the atrocities of those who were deaf to Godness and thereby humiliating and disappointing all those who loved and believed in him?


Jesus’ final “letting go”, through forgiveness, celebrated oneness with the-Father.  His choice allowed Resurrection to happen.


We’re children of God.  We share Jesus’ God-DNA.  How is God inviting each of us to listen to and lovingly act on God-nudges?  What letting-go-invitations will open our ears and hearts to lovingly lose our plans, forgive and allow Resurrections to manifest?

S. Mary Rachel Kuebelbeck

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