Tuesday, January 12, 2016

School of Benedictine Spirituality

A good policy for living is “if you are on to something good, share it.” That’s what we sisters are doing and it even has a nameThe School of Benedictine Spirituality. We know it is a good thing because we are living it, Benedictine monastic life that is. The values of this spirituality are so livable–community and hospitality and prayer. Other values like obedience and humility and stability seem reserved to religious life, but really when you understand their meaning you see how each fits in anyone’s life. That learning would be with the course, LIVING BENEDICTINE VALUES.


And really this Benedictine way has been around more than 1,500 years; there must be a secret after all.   What do 21st century women in Stearns county Minnesota have in common with sixth century Benedict of Nursia, Italy? An insight into that offers an insight to the longevity of the Benedictine way. The HISTORY AND SPIRITUALITY OF THE BENEDICTINE TRADITION course introduces us to the secret.


ORA ET LABORA. PRAYER AND WORK. That is the Benedictine motto. It is simple and to the point. There are many ways to pray and the PRAYER AND WORSHIP IN THE BENEDICTINE TRADIITON will look at public and sacramental ways of praying while the course called lectio refers to the individual and personal way of praying. You come away using words like lectio and Liturgy of the Hours (LOH) and the Rule freely and with meaning!


If you are interested in understanding more about Benedictine spirituality, consider participating in the following course at the School of Benedictine Spirituality at Saint Benedict’s Monastery in St. Joseph, Minn. We are now taking registrations.


School of Benedictine Spirituality: Living Benedictine Values

January 29-30 and February 20-21 (Two meetings, Friday through Saturday on two weekends)

Time: 9 a.m. - 4:15 p.m.

This course, taught by Mary Reuter, OSB, is a prerequisite for all proceeding courses in the School. Learn about The Rule of Benedict as a guide to living a committed life that integrates Gospel values such as prayer, hospitality, community, respect for all creation and beauty. Benedictine spiritual practices such as Liturgy of the Hours, lectio divina and spiritual companioning will be introduced. Fee: $150 Sponsorship opportunities available.

To learn more, visit http://sbm.osb.org/index.php/ministries/other_ministries/additional_ministries/benedictine_school/


We are onto something good – come and share it.

By: Kerry O'Reilly, OSB


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