Thursday, January 15, 2015

Welcome to the Monastery

Have you ever wondered what you might see at Saint Benedict’s Monastery if given the chance to go beyond the chapel doors? Those big doors leading out of the Sacred Heart Chapel that take us, the Sisters, into our inner sacred spaces.

Well, on Sunday, February 8, between 2-4 pm, you have the opportunity to visit us and take a tour of our sacred spaces.

Pope Francis has dedicated the year 2015 as the Year of Consecrated Life. His hope is for people to learn about, and come to a better understanding of, what religious life is all about. This public "come and see" will do just that. Our open house at Saint Benedict’s Monastery will give you, our visitors, an opportunity to see and hear about our sacred spaces and to learn about our life. During the tour you will meet a variety of sisters. You will see our Chapel and walk our hallways. These spaces are central to our life because they are all connected. We pray and work in these spaces, they are the nuts and bolts that hold us together. These hallways take us to prayer, to work and to our dining room where we share meals together.

Come and experience the silence of our Oratory. What is an Oratory?            
Come and find out!
Living in a monastery may seem counter cultural in today’s world, yet religious life is alive for 239 of us who live and pray together every day.

Come and visit us on February 8.

Lisa Rose, OSB

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