Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Keeping the Light of Christmas

The Christmas season doesn't end until January 11, with the baptism of Christ. It may be too late to express this plea but please keep your Christmas lights on! And your crèche prominent in your home! Why? Because we need more time to receive the mystery of Incarnational presence: “A CHILD is born to us ... and he shall be called GOD the mighty... the earth is eager, joy touches distant lands. GOD is wrapped in thunder cloud, throned on justice, throned on right ... Be joyous in the Lord God, you PEOPLE of FAITH, praise GOD’S holy name (Ps. 97).”

Mystery, indeed: Child on earth; God in Child, like unto us humans!  A paradoxical picture, indeed! The terrifying majesty of God brings joy to those who love the Lord ... in any palace, church, hamlet, home or heart: mystery to be pondered!

Or consider the promise of Isaiah 47: “I say to prisoners: ‘You are free, come out into the light.’ You will feast on your way, find food on barren heights. No one will hunger or thirst or suffer the scorching sun, for the Lord cares for you, guides you to cooling springs.” Mystery to be pondered; we need more time and love, Child/God!

Enkindle our faith, tiny weak Child of earth ...

Prepare a feast for us on barren heights, mighty God ...

We desire intimacy with You, incarnate and eternal One. We will shout for joy as you comfort a suffering people.

Renee Domeier, OSB

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