Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Vote Today!


Nearly six weeks ago I was one of the Nuns on the Bus with Sister Simone Campbell of Network, the Catholic Social Justice Lobby, promoting our right and privilege to vote.  Vote in what?  The 2014 Mid-term Elections.  Have you voted yet?  Today is the day!  It was necessary for us nuns to run around MN and promote this election because too few people are voting - thus ,too few people are making political decisions. And too few people contribute to campaigns and the “big bucks” are taking over.  So I urge, encourage, challenge you to exercise your right and enjoy your privilege to VOTE TODAY!  

Check out this crazy, delightful  YouTube .     

We're not telling you who to vote for but asking, as the Catholic bishops have urged, to go to the polls and vote for the people whom you believe  will do the best job.

Kerry O'Reilly, OSB

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