Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hungry for Hope?

Green beans are up!

Are you hungry for hope?  I recommend you sit near some young green beans plants.  It’s a wonder in early summer… one morning the beans are barely poking through the ground, and by the end of the day they’ve grown 3 inches.  I’m not exaggerating!  I’ve often thought it would be fun to position a camera with a timer by the beans.  It would be thrilling to watch a day’s worth of photos of the beans growing!  They are strong, persistent, determined, and eager. 
Now that it’s early November, the bean plants have done all they are going to do for the year: grown, produced endless fruit, fed the soil with nitrogen, dried up and been plowed under. Yet their spiritual lessons remain with us.  Are you hungry for hope?  Sometimes I need to see other people’s strength and persistence to remember my own. And sometimes I need to work as part of a determined and eager team to re-energize my own potential. As I dream of our next garden season at the Common Ground Garden, beans and all, I am grateful and thrilled for our communal determination to continue the Benedictine tradition of sustainable agriculture in Central Minnesota.  

Kate Ritger, OblSB
Common Ground Garden Production Manager 

Thursday, November 13th is Give to the Max Day, an opportunity for donors to give on-line to their favorite non-profits.  This year the Sisters of the Order of Saint Benedict are raising funds for the Common Ground Garden.  Donated funds will help us upgrade the electrical connection to our barn, expand cool storage space, improve working and education space, and dream toward a winter greenhouse.   
Thank you for your support and for sharing our hope.


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    1. We're so glad that Kate has been able to share some of the spiritual aspects of the Garden through our blogsite. S. Karen Rose