Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Who Says ...?

Lectio divina, the Benedictine practice of prayerful, sacred reading takes many forms. If you like questions that have more than a yes/no answer . . .if you love nature, children, and poetry . . . if you walk slowly and gratefully through our wondrous world,  you can find God speaking all around us.

I recently experienced God speaking both in words and pictures  through Joan Hutson's questions and illustrations in her book, Who says “Twinkle” to the Evening Stars . Listen to the questions she asks of children (or full-of-wonder adults) as she brings a profound message to their/our searching minds and heart:

  Who says to the morning sun “Rise, now, night is done . . .”

          Who says “Bloom” to the flowers here and there, and watches over them  
           with loving care . . .
          Who says “Rain” to the little cloud, and tells the thunder “Not too 
           loud . . .”

          Who says “It’s time for rain to go and time to make a big rainbow . . .”

          Who says “Blossom” to the little plum tree . . . and who says “Ripen”                     to the plums you  see . . .  
          Who says “Hatch” to the egg in the nest . . . and starts a little robin on the 
          quest . . .

          Who says “Fireflies turn on your lights . . . and give the night surprising           sights . . .”

          Who says to the waves on the shore “Just this high and no, no more . . .”

          Who says “Scatter” to the milkweed seeds . . . so in the Spring we’ll                        have beautiful  weeds 
          Who says as the days grow colder, “Autumn leaves, turn brighter and                   bolder . . .”

          Who says “Stars, stars, send down My love on all who below are looking               above . . .”

          Who says to the little snowflake, “I design each one of you I make . . .”

          Who says to you and me “I love you unconditionally . . .”



          Thank You, God . . .

 Renée Domeier, OSB

Original illustrations by Joan Hutson

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