Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Looking at Leaves

I'm finding life hectic at the moment. It's coming from several angles and I find it easy to become swamped in the hurly-burly of all that's happening each day - well, each minute really.

When I sat down to write my blog, I found my mind was just a jumble of things I had to do, ought to do, hadn't done, couldn't fit in. I had no idea what to write about.Then, someone who was maybe feeling the same way asked me to take something to another building in the monastery. I chose the outside route and I noticed one of the trees that is beginning to turn. I actually made myself stand still and be aware of it, the different tones of the leaves as they changed color.

I'm not claiming that I had a moment of enlightenment or that I even thought something profound, but I did realize the importance of making myself stop, making myself not  think and simply savor the pleasure of being alive for a short time.

As I say, not profound; it's something millions of people have thought before me, something I've realized myself many times in the past. But it was a neat reminder that there's more to life than getting the job done - there's also standing still and looking at leaves.

Karen Rose, OSB

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