Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Counting Blessings

As I ponder the riches of life that God continues to lavish upon me, I am constantly struck by the wonderful gift of my family. I had parents and grandparents who loved life. They loved to sing, dance, play instruments, socialize, read, discuss, invite, and pray. I couldn’t possibly enumerate all of the qualities, but I do know that hospitality, kindness, sharing and love were some things at the core. They reached out to others constantly, and I learned that some people who were considered “undesirables” by others were given respect and even help by my family.

Education was valued and promoted. “Please” and “Thank you” were learned at a very young age as was “give her some of your candy” (or whatever). Fun and laughter were usually part of the day, and support in sorrow was a given. At times as a child I forgot that “No” meant “No,” but it didn’t take me too long to relearn it.

I guess I intend this blog to be a form of gratitude to God, my family, and all my friends. Though I am filled with thankfulness, I also remember those who did not or do not now have the security that a solid family life provides. I want others to know that we, my family, were not wealthy in material terms. We had to go without some things that would have helped make life easier, but the important things of life were always there: presence, caring, giving, helping, etc., and so much more, made life rich, exciting, inviting.

I hope that this little piece will motivate you to “count your blessings” wherever you are and whatever they be. The chief one is that God is in each of us, and with us daily in all we are and do. Each of us is unique and God loves us unconditionally. God is with the depressed, the addicted, the thief. I pray that each of us opens our mind and heart to God and that we then touch all who sit in darkness. Let there be light because of Love!

Roberta Werner, OSB

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