Friday, April 15, 2011

The Return of the Fish

S. Renee Domeier wrote and read this poem for the annual "return of the fish" celebration, returning the koi to the fountain at the College of Saint Benedict. The fish were returned despite the chilly weather on Thursday, April 14, 2011.


These fish are ancient! At least their ancestors are!
The likes of them
and, of course, many  other species
were created on the fifth day of creation!

And God liked them! He enjoyed what he had done and said so!
Now fish are edible,
fresh water fish,
aquarium fish,
gold ones, black ones, speckled ones

and of course, there are our special fish that return
each Spring
from their winter habitat
amidst joy and children,
students and employees
even the college president
and the monastics
in a ceremony
quite elaborately
just to get them back to their spring-to-autumn home!

One could say they must really be something in order to get such a welcome!
They'll make no small difference, of course;
they'll receive company, every day
and sometimes, a bit of food and even copper coins;
they'll be surrounded by shade and geraniums.

I wonder if they like it here
and if they are as eager to get to their home
as we are to have them here…

Finally do you think God likes their coming home?
I do!
It's fun to come home amid balloons and banners!
And everybody making a fuss over you!

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