Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pssst . . . can you keep a secret? I love electronic
toys: Ipads, cell phones, blackberrys, laptops,
digital cameras, etc. Yet I am utterly mystified by the way Google knows all things. Some time ago I signed up to receive a "Google alert" when something is written, broadcast, announced, etc. regarding interreligious dialogue. Every day I receive close to a dozen "alerts" regarding something that concerns interreligious dialogue anywhere in the world. I learned today
that the CEO of Facebook claims that in a short time his company will come up with a new e-mail system that some call the "g-mail killer". It will be able to prioritize your e-mails according to the sender's relationship to you. I do not claim to understand any of this. I do know this though: technology is simply going too fast for me.

I live with these questions: when will I no longer be able to keep up with the complexity of a technology which seems to change not every five years, or two years, but it seems more like every six months? How does a Benedictine sister on a very limited budget and conscious of being a good steward of the gifts we are given through the generosity of our benefactors keep up with all the changes and new electronic gadgets? More important than the first two questions is this question: how do I use the technology that is available to serve the people of God and at the same time not become a slave to it?

I will continue to live with these questions because there are no black and white answers but I have two examples of how using newer means of technology can help spread the Gospel: the first is a blog that S. Trish Dick posted on November 8 in which she writes about "Faith Texting" and how at her invitation a number of students are texting a faith based message to each other every day. One student is responsible for each day of the week. The other example is happening as I am writing this blog: today, November 16, is "Give to the Max" day in Minnesota and we are inviting people to donate to our newest program: the Benedictine Women's Service Corps. You can get information about the Benedictine Women's Service Corps on our web page, blog and facebook. If it is still November 16 when you read this and you don't want to be left out of "Give to the Max" day you can donate by going to our home page and there you will find the information you need in order to donate.

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  1. I find that just when I think I have learned something wonderful in technology, it is obsolete! I am not sure what level of humility it puts me when I am trying to learn some new technological tool. Maybe St. Benedict would add another level! What I find really exciting is that, as an Oblate, I get Weavings from Sister Laureen (which she is sending out in email format) and a group of us who are spread around the world are emailing each other and reflecting on her musings..or perhaps we are musing on her reflections! But, it has opened up a wonderful conversation that I couldn't have had without the wonderful computer and email. It is a new lectio divina!!!! Well, perhaps not, but just maybe it is! I am expanding my reflections as a result of my fellow Oblates and my spiritual journey has frequent side trips and new paths! YEA technology!