Monday, November 8, 2010

Faith Texting

I have always been intrigued and fascinated with how college students use technology to communicate and build relationships. Thus, I set out to explore and embrace this world. I asked a team of students if they would help me pilot a faith text community.

I asked for six volunteers and myself to start the community. Thirteen students were interested, so I divided them into two groups. Each person was responsible for a day of the week that she/he would text their “God moment” and insight for the day. I checked in with the two groups during their weekly leadership meetings for snags and tweaking.

The groups continue to amaze me. Every day I get a text that is profound and insightful. It’s hard to understand and describe how community is forming that has organic energy while they’re using technology. The goal is that each member will collect six other people next semester and start their own faith texting community.

Here are a few texts I have received and publish with the authors’ permission:

“I was walking around today and I realized that every time that I was looking for God I saw Him almost everywhere. It’s so amazing how easy God makes it for us to find Him, yet God cares for us so much that we have free will and aren’t required to see God if we choose not to.”

“This morning I headed to catch the link for my 8:00 am class. There was a chill in the air. I was thankful I grabbed a coat and then thought about all those who don’t have coat and are cold this morning. May warmth of charity be in our heart today.”

I am grateful for the students who have let me intersect with their world. I simply am amazed at the faith of this generation. May we remember that every generation stretches the next generation. Yet the Spirit moves, works and engages the people of God even with a cell phone text. The Rule of Benedict says we are in the school of the Lord’s service. Whatever form it takes, may we have hearts that seek God.

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  1. Love this idea. I'm attending a seminary in Washington D. C. and I'd like to try it out here.