Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Contemplative Practice

I recently heard a Buddhist contemplative express the idea that faith is our unfolding to things as they are, moment by  moment, and that sometimes that “present  moment” may last but a mere  two or three seconds!  I felt rushed when I thought I might have to renew my mindfulness up to 30 times in one minute!  Perhaps I have misunderstood this particular Buddhist’s meaning but my  experience tells me that my faith needs to be steeped in the sure knowledge that God is guiding the whole of creation as it unfolds and evolves over years, centuries, millennia—including what  is happening, every two or three seconds.  So what does this unusual situation suggest for our contemplative practice—our being present to the present moment—as well as our faith in a God who is guiding the evolution of all that is, whether ordered or chaotic, until that time when “All will be fulfilled?”


It may be a question of where God is: “out there” or “in here” OR both?


When we learn how to look, how to really look and therefore to see, we realize that God shines through everything—the ordinary and the extraordinary: the then, the here, the now, and without doubt, in that which is to come.


I think I agree with the Buddhist contemplative!  It takes faith to let myself unfold to what is, moment by moment. Our faith assures us that God is the Presence that goes with us and gives us rest on the way (Exod. 33:14). 


Nothing that we do or don’t do can separate us from Your Presence, Lord!  Thank You! Thank You!


Renee Domeier, OSB

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