Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Linking-In with the Needs of Women Veterans

Last fall I read articles in the local newspaper talking about PSTD and veterans. I have always had an interest in working with veterans, knowing that Saint Benedict’s Monastery could offer them a place of healing, self-reflection, safety, support and a sense of order through our schedule of prayer.   
Through the wonder of technology and Linked-In I was able to connect with Trista Mastascillo, program manager and chair of the St. Paul based nonprofit Women’s Initiative. Trista and I became fast friends and after she came to visit the monastery both us knew that this is a place where we wanted to create for the women’s veterans a spiritual space to call home. It was a sacred synchronistic moment.  With our entrepreneurial minds we went to work creating a retreat for the Women’s Veterans.  
I am excited to announce that Aug 14-16, 2015 the Women’s Veteran’s Initiative and the Sisters of Saint Benedict will host the first annual veteran’s retreat. We will focus on ministering to these women in traditional and alternative mental health ministries. Following the Rule of St. Benedict's core principal that everybody shall be welcomed as Christ, we will be extending our hospitality to the Women’s Veterans and meeting some needs of women that have not been tended to.   
Please pray for our retreat and that it will be blessed with grace, love, and peace for these veterans.

Trish Dick, OSB 

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