Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Get Informed, Get Registered, Get Ready to Vote!

S. Simone Campbell (front) with MN "Nuns on the Bus" including  Sisters Kerry O'Reilly (3rd in line) and Eunice Antony (extreme right) from our community.

Are you REGISTERED TO VOTE?  Are you GETTING INFORMED about candidates and issues?

Why do I ask?  I was one of the MN "Nuns on the Bus"! Along with Sister Eunice Antony.

Have you heard about the "Nuns on the Bus"?  It was an adventure and a privilege and hard work.  

Sister Simone Campbell of Network: A National Catholic Social Justice Lobby, is the original "Nun on the Bus" who takes to the road to encourage all people to become involved in our public decisions and work for the common good.  When she learned in June that 60% of Americans did not know there was a mid-term election she said she had to go on the road one more time – and she invited Sisters from the 10 states on her tour.  We held town halls, talked about voting and what it means, and asked citizens what their concerns are today.  We registered students at two campuses in Duluth.  We visited malls and talked with anyone we encountered about voting.  It was grand!  

Our main message:  "We the People, We the Voters!"  As the US Catholic bishops have said, voting is a right to be respected and a privilege to be used with respect.   

November 4 is election day!   Please register and VOTE!

Kerry O’Reilly, OSB

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