Tuesday, July 29, 2014

God as Wisdom Energy

On June 7th I was able to celebrate being three-fourths of a century old.  So I’ve given myself permission to ponder “What if…” whenever it rises in me.  So here’s my most recent “What if … ?”

What if …GOD actually is
WISDOM-ENERGY born of unconditional love

What if the “Father-ness” of God, expresses itself as infinitely-creating-Wisdom-Energy
          Generating:  • awe • praise and • gratefulness
What if the “Son-ness” of God, expresses itself as embodied-Wisdom-Energy

Generating:  a template of how we earthlings can walk/speak/respond as 
 incarnate  unconditional love and respect. 
              Then we would readily be   recognized by
                             • the attentiveness of our listening   
• the consistentness of our  letting go and • the totalness of our forgiving

What if the “Holy Spirit-ness” of God, expresses itself as transforming-Wisdom-Energy
          gentle-patience   emerging-truth    empowering-strength
          compassionate-presence    gift-naming     wound-naming
          resilient-hope             endless-reciprocity          humus-laughter
          mindful-fearlessness humble-peacefulness    • inclusive-respect

Let’s walk together on this Incarnate Unconditional Path.

Mary Rachel Kuebelbeck, OSB

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