Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Las Lágrimas

If I had not walked through Chapel,
if I had not stopped to meet the gentle guitarist *
setting up his practice session,
if I had not asked his permission
to sit awhile and listen
I would not have been undone
by the haunting melody full of yearning,   
touched by the  aching timeless beauty.
I would not have known the Spanish title means Tears.
I would not have been moved by memory
of one hundred years of tears and  yearning for God,
music and prayer filling this sacred space like incense,
if I had not walked through the Chapel
that Saturday afternoon.

*Lágrima (Tear) ~ Composition by  Francisco Tárrega
*Mark Mitchell, husband of Sister Theresa Lodermeier’s niece
Kathryn Casper, OSB 

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  1. Thank you for sharing this amazing poetic reflection, dear Sister Kathryn. I want to have a copy so I can continue to reflect of the power and meaning of it. S. Lois Wedl