Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Moist Greenness

Moist Greenness

by Sister Mary Rachel Kuebelbeck

Today, is a foretaste of summer warmth. Just yesterday, wickedly strong winds and pelting rain stung soil and skin with winter’s lingering gust of chilling power

So today, I stand outside my door and can’t stop thanking the sun for its life-giving energy as feathering leaves greet me on every scrub and tree.

 I marvel at the courage of spring flowers pushing their vibrant colors through the chilly wet soil on the south side of each building.

What is it that makes me giggle every May when I’m surprised again by earth’s unfolding display of moist greenness?

  • soft sights manifesting incredible strengthening as each day passes
  • familiar flowers and fauna remembering again who they are after their brief winter womb time
  • birds and critters resuming their notorious antics and munching on fresh luscious tidbits

Their chorus of delight seems to shout, “Free again, free again, thank God I’m free again!”

 I add my grateful prayer to the voices of these nature-kin.
  • May the evolving love of God teach creatures of every land how to learn from our nature-kin ways to receive varied forms of daily moisture.
  • May the warmth of Wisdom-Energy help us discover creative ways to free oppressed peoples and oppressed creation from their winter-womb and manifest their true freedom as vibrant bearers of God-ness.

We gratefully welcome your softening moisture and your infinite loving warmth in our daily lives.

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