Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Thanksgiving Thought for Women

S. Jane Weber preparing vegetables
I have a wonderful quote for you who work so hard to prepare for family and friends.  It comes from a book entitled FOR WOMEN WHO DO TOO MUCH by Anne Wilson Schaef. (Men, maybe you fit the bill too!)  Here it is:

“Women’s normal occupations in general run counter to creative life or contemplative life or saintly life.”  (Anne Morrow Lindbergh)

“Women’s work is always toward wholeness.” (May Sarton)

“When we women do our work, we move toward wholeness.  The world is in need of wholeness.  The world is in need of women’s way of working.

Too long we have doubted ourselves and tried to fit comfortably into a male modality.  To have wholeness, we need to make our contribution, too. To have wholeness we need to know our values and value our knowing.

We have reneged on our responsibility to our society and our planet.  It is time that we courageously put our thoughts, ideas, and values out there and let them stand for themselves.

 When I do my work, my work is wholeness.”

Happy preparations and celebration of THANKSGIVING and all the loving work you will put into it!  I’m grateful for each of you!

Renée Domeier, OSB

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